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Gemstone wheel

Gemstone wheel

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If you're anything like me, you might appreciate these little gems and your clients even more so.... Like a magpie, I love all that glitters,  so much so, I bought the wallpaper, but I digress...  

A variety of 2mm flat back colourful gemstone crystals contained in a convenient wheel container.  Add some sparkle to your lash sets!


Once you have completed your lash set, brush through and then;

  1. Whilst isolating your desired lash, Use a disposable micro wand (available in store) to dab a tiny amount of strip lash adhesive onto one individual lash, chosing an area close to the base of that lash for optimum support.  The adhesive will become tacky
  2. Using a wax pencil (available in store), place the nib on top of the gemstone and apply a little pressure.  The pencil will pick up the gemstone
  3. Carefully place the flat surface of the gemstone on top of the adhesive dot.
  4. Allow to dry (see drying time on individual packet)

(I recommend temporary strip lash adhesive as this will give you more time to adhere your gemstone to the lash and adjust if necessary)