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Meet The Team

Welcome to The Lash Sista! We are a determined husband, wife and two hairy hounds team that has been born from our passion and commitment to the lash world.   
It all stemmed from my desire to be a lash and brow artist and the subsequent launch of my own salon, London Chic Lash and Brow Lounge, where I, Melena, continue to make women look and feel beautiful, every single day. I just love that feeling when I see their eyes light up after handing them the mirror to inspect their beautiful new lashes.  Like you, I think it's that very moment of pride we experience, that truly drives us onto the next and the next. It gets kind of addictive, and the only way to quench that thirst, is to do it again and again!

I can't say as its always been that easy, as sometimes I've really wanted to throw my tweezers at the wall out of frustration, but when I do get it right, oh what a hit!  Well, I live breathe and eat eyelashes.. quite literally! Those little blighters get everywhere... from dinner-plate to pillow! I love this industry and am happy to be putting so much time and effort into it the way that I do. Creating this website and online store was just a vague dream, until suddenly things started to get real serious and I then I realised that it just had to happen anyway! and here it is... I feel proud to bring you our gorgeous online store for everything lashy! And we hope you like it as much as we do. 

Let me introduce you to my trusted business partner...
My handsome hubby Russ, also affectionately known to me as, Rusty Pants! (and no, ladies, not for any other reason other than its cute, I promise! lol!). He totally shares in my enthusiasm to excel and helps me to grow our little business. He has even modeled as a client for me many a time when I first started out.

Through his tireless dedication to learning about more about lashes, he can now proudly walk the aisles of the local shopping mall and spot a bad lash job from a mile off or spot a set of extensions on the TV newsreader and even suggest what curl she might be wearing! Now, to me, that's something to boast about! Yep, like the rest of us, he can no longer address anyone without summing up their eyelashes first. He's just so cool!

Also on the team, we have our two little helpers, Rigsby and Jonesy. They are the hairy hounds that lie under our desks and keep our feet warm in winter, or elevate our swollen ankles in the summer. Really don't know how we'd cope without them. But for now, that's us, that's the family.
Anyhow, now onto the more important stuff... as most of us know, the lash industry has been going for many years now, but more recently we have all seen an explosion in interest from both professionals and the public. So, to stay ahead and relevant, I was always seeking reliable and trustworthy, premium products to provide my clients with the quality they deserve. And I for one, don't like to compromise. So when the idea of launching our own online shop came about, we hunted and foraged around and finally found great products ourselves which tick all the boxes and have therefore launched this cute little online store to share our knowledge and to bring these amazing products to you too!

And even more exciting, as a result of our continual product research, we have teamed up with the highly popular American brand of London Brows and Lashes, founded by Kim Filion.

Kim shares her love and passion for the industry and has worked tirelessly to produce a wide range of lashes and adhesives that offer all the qualities that us dedicated lash stylists are looking for and has since become renown worldwide for her products. Her adhesives are specially formulated for varying working conditions and have proved to be exceptional for consistency and retention longevity, making them ideal for any climate. I just love them!

So, without further due, it is our pleasure, to bring all these lovely products to you!
Our commitment is to provide you with a one stop shop for all your professional needs and welcome any comments or suggestions to help us grow. After all, we are all just one big 'ol lash family. Have a browse around, hope you like what you see and happy shopping!


With Love