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FAQS & Troubleshooting

Q. Why are the lashes popping off when I brush them through at the end of application?
It could be that the adhesive is drying a little too quick and you are not getting the bond on the lash in time or the lashes haven't been cleansed and prepped thoroughly enough prior to application.  Firstly check your humidity and temperature levels in your working area are correct.  Room temperatures for most adhesives work really well between 19C and 24C. For humidity levels, check the individual recommendation specific to the adhesive as they differ between brands.  For prepping the lashes, use a recommended lash shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Then use a small amount of lash primer or witch hazel on a lip applicator brush to thoroughly remove any remaining oils from the natural lash and dry off, using a fan or blower. If you are still having issues, then check your speed and how quickly you work, it could be that the adhesive dries too fast for your capability and I would suggest you find an alternative, slower setting adhesive.

Q. My clients eyes flutter so much making application difficult.  How can we stop this?
Relaxing atmosphere, calming music and asking your client to avoid caffeine a few hours before they come in for their lashes.  To help, try placing eye-pads or even a piece of Micro-pore tape (check they are not allergic to tape) across the eyelid, just above the lash line.

Q. My clients eyes don't seem to close fully, is this an issue?
It is most important that the eyes are fully closed during application.  You do not want to allow fumes from the adhesive to enter the eye as this will cause irritation. Try placing eye patches or tape on the eyelid to help add some weight to stop them rising.

Q. My clients cannot lay still for long and starts fidgeting before I've finished my set.
Ask your client if she is feeling uncomfortable.  She may either have a back problem that makes laying on her back uncomfortable or it may be as simple as she needs the toilet but doesn't want to disturb you!  If she has a back issue, offer her a cushion to help support the lumbar area of her spine which is generally where most back issues arise.  Comfort can generally be found by raising the legs higher.

Q. My humidity readings are too high or too low.
You can normally reduce humidity by purchasing a dehumidifier and likewise, you can purchase a humidifier to increase humidity.  If you do not have these items yet, the quick make-do options would be to place a bowl of water close to a heat source to increase your humidity. To lower humidity, put the heating on to help dry the air out, ensuring that you don't raise temperatures above 25C as this would counteract optimum performance with your adhesive.

Q. What is the best humidity level for London Brows low humidity adhesive?
For optimum performance, keep humidity between 20% and 50%rh

Q. What is the ideal humidity for London Brows high humidity adhesive?
For optimum performance, keep humidity between 50% and 60%rh

Q. Do I need to perform a sensitivity test on my client?
Always perform a sensitivity test on first time clients or those that have been away for a while.  You do this by placing a few lash extensions on each eye and leave for 72 hours.  If no irritation, then it is likely that it is safe to proceed with a full set.  If there is irritation - advise client to seek medical attention and remove the lashes as soon as possible.

Q. How do I store my London Brows Adhesive?
It is safe to store your London Brows adhesive in the fridge for up to 6 months. Once opened, store away from direct sunlight and any heat source. Its a great idea to store your adhesive in an air tight container, filled with rice. The rice will help to absorb any moisture in the air around the bottle should humidity levels increase.

Q. How do I clean my tweezers?
Cleaning tweezers in between each client is most important to stop cross contamination. Always inspect the tweezers for any signs of adhesive and remove using an alcohol wipe over your nail and scrape off. Clean tweezers in hot soapy water, rinse and then place in hospital grade disinfectant for 10 minutes.

Q.  My adhesive looks a watery greyish/black colour - whats caused this?
The liquids in your bottle have settled and separated and your bottle needs shaking to mix the contents thoroughly. If mixing doesn't solve the issue, its time to replace.

Q. My adhesive was working perfectly but now its suddenly gone gloopy.
Your bottle may have been affected by the atmosphere, reached its expiry or you been compromised in some way.  Always replace lid immediately after useage and ensure no adhesive is in the cap.  If there is, replace with a new one.  LB usually provide a spare cap and nozzle with their adhesives, just in case.

Q. I'm new to lashing.  How can I gain more clients?
The best way to gain new clientele is through word of mouth - so make sure you offer a great service that people will start to talk about.  You could also offer your client and her friend an incentive to have their lashes done by you, such as a discount on your clients next infill and a % off as an introductory offer for her friend. Promote yourself by uploading plenty of photographs of your work to your Facebook page or website and create a paid Advertisement targeting a specific audience with an introductory offer for a limited period.

Q. My client has contacted me saying her eyes are swollen.  What should I do?
It is always best to refer your client straight to her doctor in the first instance and then recommend that she comes to you to allow you to carefully remove her lash extensions as soon after.  Her doctor can prescribe her some medication will will soothe the irritation, allowing a more comfortable removal process.  Never recommend over the counter drugs or try to diagnose the problem yourself.  Remember, although we might have a fairly good idea of what may be the problem, we are Lash Artists, not doctors.

Q. I noticed my client has a build of sleep type crustation in her lash line and it looks a slightly yellow/green colour and not as a result of makeup residue.
It is highly important that you question your client about her hygiene habits and remind her that her lashes need to be washed every day.  With regards to the colour, if it looks abnormal, ask her if she is experiencing any eye irritation and if she has noticed the crusting herself.  Consider the possibility of an eye infection, such as conjunctivitis.  Crusting will get worse very quickly and she may experience sticky eyes.   If this is concerning you, go with your gut feeling and advise her that she needs to get this checked out asap, prior to any further treatment.  This infection is highly contagious and its always best not to take the risk, even if it turns out to be not the case.  She can come back once the Doctor has given her the all clear.

Q. What should I do if I ever got product in my clients eye?
Remember to always read and take note of all appropriate actions that must be carried out for each of the products you use and stick to the instructions according to the manufacturers data in case of any emergency.  For this reason, It is highly important that you keep these material data sheets in a safe and easily accessible location. Always ensure you keep an up to date Saline Solution and a first aid kit for eye injury at hand.

If it is serious, refer to product data and call emergency.  You may also be required to produce a copy of this material for any medical personnel if necessary.

If it is minor, flush with Saline Water until any irritation subsides.

Q. My back and neck is really beginning to suffer and I don't know if I can keep this up.
First of all, ensure that you are sitting in the most comfortable position you can whilst you work.  Your clients head should be very close to your chest, and your back should be straight. Saddle stools are great for helping you achieve a great sitting position so it may be worth investing in one.  Make sure that you are stretching regularly in between clients.  Sometimes laying flat on the floor helps.  If nothing is helping, then regular massages or a trip to the chiropractor can help immensely.

Q. The whites of my clients are are really red after application and she is complaining about some tenderness. What has  caused this?
Adhesive fumes could be the cause of this and considering that our adhesive loves moisture to cure, the moist eyeball is closest moisture source that the fumes will be drawn towards.  First of all, check the waterline when your clients eyes are closed, using a large lash mirror and ensure that they do not stay slightly open (when people are in a relaxed state, some people naturally open their eyes slightly)  If this is the case, use an eye-pad on the closed lid to help add some weight.  If this doesn't seem to be the issue, is she talking during application?  If so, encourage that she refrain from talking and just relax whilst you work your magic.  Not only is this good for you to give you time to get into your 'zone' but it also allows the client to experience the sheer relaxation that this treatment provides.  The other possibility is that the eye-pads may have entered the eye, causing irritation.  Be mindful of your application when placing them and ensure that you leave a small gap between the top rim of the pad and the waterline.  Again, encourage no talking as when we speak, the action of moving muscles in our cheeks can push the pad further into the eye, causing abrasion.

Q. No matter how hard I try, I keep getting stickies.  How can I prevent this?
You will either need to slow down and hold your isolation longer to allow your current adhesive to dry before releasing surrounding lashes, or you need to purchase an adhesive with a quicker drying time to match your current speed.

Q. I have certain clients that always show up late with different excuses.  This has a knock on effect and causes me stress.  What should I say to them?
Allow approximately 15 minutes for late arrivals and any late attendee after that may need to re-book with you at a later date so that it does not impact your working day and other clients.  Consider writing this into your policy which you should get clients to read and sign during their initial consultation and sensitivity test, which should be scheduled in at least 48-72 hours prior to their full set appointment.  If you both decide to go ahead with their lashes anyway, then make them aware that their appointment will still be finishing at the allocated time so they can expect a lesser degree of fullness upon completion.  This will usually fix a occurring problem.

Q. My eyes get blurry towards the end of the day, and I have trouble focusing which tends to slow me down.
We all get tired, and this is why it is important to take a break in between clients.  Aim for 10-15 minutes of rest.  Its so important to look after our eyes too. Move around and do eye exercises, by rolling your eyes in circles and from side to side vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Focus on far away objects to help readjust your vision.  Use soothing eye drops from your chemist to keep them refreshed and to avoid dry eye.

Q. My nose tends to either block or run when using the adhesive.
Adhesives are irritants to our airways. As most of us are working with them all day, every day, protect yourself by wearing a face mask to filter these fumes whilst working or use an extractor to draw the fumes away.

Q. I have a product related question.  Is there someone who can help me?
Yes, of course, please use the contact us page or you can email us at thelashsista@gmail.com

Q. Does The Lash Sista offer training courses?
This is a service we would love to provide, however, I am not certified to offer formal training at this time, but something we may consider for the future.  Its always best to go through a fully accredited trainer first.  I can always point you in the right direction for this as I know some great ones that have produced many skilled lash techs.  

and finally...

Perhaps you have some tips and tricks yourself and would like to add them to our Troubleshooting page, if so, then please feel free to message us so that we may share with others in the lash community, or perhaps you have a question or two that needs answering yourself.. if so, drop us a line, we'd love to help where ever possible!

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