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Bespoke Adhesive

Bespoke Adhesive

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One for the experts only!

With a superfast dry time of 0.2 to  0.5 sec with a super thin viscosity.  You will have to have your application method down pat for this one and be super fast - but oh, what a bonus, you wont get any stickies!

We recommend you use a glue ring with this one so that your speed is on target!


IMPORTANT: Keep your room temperature below 70F/21C as the black Bespoke will get gummy. It hates heat.

Kim personally loves this adhesive. In order to slow down the curing process a little, just use a little more adhesive to attach the lash extension.

If you want fast lash adhesive, this is the lash adhesive for you!

Bespoke lash adhesive is available in Clear and Black in 10ml bottles.