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D Curl Cocktail Lashes
D Curl Cocktail Lashes
D Curl Cocktail Lashes

D Curl Cocktail Lashes

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One of my Favs!  London Brows Cocktail lashes have a semi matt finish and a soft flexible texture.  Each tray has staggered lengths mixed throughout each strip, creating a more natural looking lash line therefore creating a much softer lash look for those who like to keep people guessing!

Use a variety of the different sizes of the mixed length trays to create your perfect styling. A favoured look amongst lash artists and their clients.

Key Features:

  • Dark black
  • Staggered lengths per strip
  • Precision manufactured from high quality sterilized PBT Materials
  • Tapered ends
  • Matte finish
  • 16 rows with size reference on each strip
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Peel easily off strips
  • Easy to fan


Styling Tip for a natural accentuation look would be:  

inner to outer eye :  6-8-10 followed by 7-9-11 followed by 8-10-12 followed by 7-9-11 followed by 6-8-10