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LC Curl Mixed Trays
LC Curl Mixed Trays

LC Curl Mixed Trays

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These soft L curls are my ultimate favourite.  If you're looking for a lash to give your client that real 'pop', then these will surely do it!  The straight lash base is perfect for a good amount of bond area for those clients who have straight lashes, and the curl is perfect for those who rarely see their natural lashes from the front, such as those with straight or downward pointing lashes.   These are super easy to fan - every. single. time!  I use them on quite a few clients, who love the drama these lashes are capable of providing.  There are no sharp angles, like many other L curls on the market, just a real smooth transition into a steep incline... Absolutely beautiful!  I cannot recommend enough!

Speaking from the heart, it was these particular lashes that made me fall in love with the entire London Brows range!

If you decide you love them, we also stock these in single length trays

Key Features

  • Dark black
  • Precision manufactured from high quality sterilized PBT Materials
  • Tapered ends
  • Matte finish
  • 16 rows with size reference on each strip
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Peel easily off strips
  • 9mm to 13mm in one tray
  • Easy to fan
  • Organised in trays for speed and efficiency