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Low Humidity Adhesive - Clear

Low Humidity Adhesive - Clear

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This is what I love about the London Brows range - they produce a good variety of much needed adhesives to suit different environments and occassions.  This one is for those who are sensitive to carbon or to use with coloured lashes

Key Features:

  • Low Humidity (Works best between 18-40% RH)

  •  4-7 weeks retention, or until the end of the lash cycle

  • Carbon free

  • Low Fumes

  • Flexible bond


Keep in cool dark area. Do not expose to heater or steamer in room.

Refrigerate safely for up to 6 months prior to opening.

This adhesive dries clear BUT if you use excessive amounts, it will dry to an opaque color. Keep in cool dark area.

MSDS available upon request