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Professional Tweezer - Type A

Professional Tweezer - Type A

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Another of my favourite for isolation or lash removal.  Whats not to love about these classy Rose Gold coloured tweezers?!

This one is really good at firmly grabbing the base of the natural lash or cracking the old glue bonds to make extension removal easier.  Many use this type A for isolation or classic pick up.  Some even use this straight tweezer for making volume fans, something I can only do with the curved or angled but it just goes to show you that each of us likes to work differently!

Great quality tweezers are an essential purchase for the professional Lash Artist. Each tweezer, style and shape and workability is as unique as the individuals taste and preference.  They all differ and each will have its own sweet spot and by that, I mean best area of grab.  So have a play and see how you get on!


Key Features:

  • High Quality Stainless steel
  • Finished in a beautiful highly polished rose gold coloured coating
  • light to hold
  • Easy to clean - no awkward grooves
  • Precision manufactured
  • Soft tension