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Wax Pencil
Wax Pencil

Wax Pencil

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I use this when attaching gems on to my clients lashes.   Ideal to offer something like gemstones an extra option every so often, or when client has a party to go to.  They seriously love it!


  • Choose gems from gemstone wheel
  • place flat side of gem down on surface
  • Brush lashes through until satisfied with neatness
  • Using a cocktail stick, carefully place a tiny drop of temporary adhesive (strip lash adhesive) onto a lash and hold isolation
  • press wax pencil onto top of jewel - it will pick it up
  • place jewel onto adhesive spot on lash and hold for a few seconds as adhesive goes sticky.. then gently slide the wax pencil off.  
  • Don't brush this area after applying.  Allow to dry thoroughly.